Handcrafted Salt Dough Ornament Gifts


Your favors will be the HIT of your party! April 2, 2015 09:30

Time and time again I have heard from my customers, "Thank you! These adorable ornaments were a hit!!"  

Not to undermine your fabulous fare, your interesting friends or your wonderful event, but your favors from Cookie Dough Creations will be the hit of your wedding, baptism or shower!!

Maybe it's because our ornaments are handcrafted by real people, using their own hands, maybe it's because we're a family based operation, our workshop is located on our own property, overlooking the rolling hills of our homestead and surrounding countryside.  Maybe because the recipient is always charmed and intrigued and fascinated to find their handmade gift is dough, not plastic, not pottery.  A handmade ornament coming from a 50 pound bag of flour sitting on our hardwood workshop floor.  

I am convinced it is because these ornaments are completely unique, unlike anything you will find on Google - go ahead and search!!  There won't be any other person or company that makes ornaments just like we do!

And when you purchase a handmade item  made by craftsman in the USA, you're supporting our country's entrepreneurial community and spirit.  And you will be receiving something made by a human who has invested thought, valued time and most likely enduring passion into their craft. . . .something you will never find at Walmart. 



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