Handcrafted Salt Dough Ornament Gifts

About Us

Hello! I'm Kathy, designer and maker at Cookie Dough Creations. 

Carefully handcrafted by me, every ornament in our shop is made in the way of our mothers and grandmothers, without the use of any equipment or mechanical machinery.  

Our products are definitely not 'cookies', but handmade ornaments made out of dough.  What we 'lovingly' refer to as cookie dough is actually a salt dough recipe with added pantry staples that have been developed over time to be the basis for our handmade ornaments and favors. Every single piece is a one of a kind treasure, intended for charming it's recipient with a handmade gift! Most ornaments have an endearing message hand lettered by me to make your gift a perfect keepsake.  

Each piece is brought to life in our beautiful workshop, overlooking the rolling hills of Green Valley, Union Bridge, in beautiful central Maryland.  After being mixed, hand cut and slowly air dried for a week; which creates the strongest and most solid finished product,  all ornaments are then sanded one at a time, hand painted and finally varnished  to provide  a long lasting keepsake.   

When I discovered a salt dough ornament, almost 20 years ago in a local gift shop, something about it touched me to the point of obsession.  I  was compelled to learn first, what it was, and secondly, how to make them myself.   I’m still obsessed with salt dough today.  

Why is my salt dough special?

I would say because of my never ending passion to make it perfect!

Years of tweaking my recipe and procedures with occasional fantastic (at least I think they are) discoveries have resulted in a solid dough ornament, perfectly smooth, as smooth as salt dough can be; on backs and fronts. This makes for a wonderful surface for paint, writing and even personalizing your ornaments on the backs.

A charming handmade ornament with an endearing message. An excellent gift for those who need to know they're appreciated, or anyone that appreciates handcrafted art!



Thank you for shopping handmade!  When you purchase a handcrafted item, you receive something very special.  A piece, however small, of an individual who has invested time and energy, and most likely a huge portion of their life, in their craft.  Something that you could never expect to receive from a store bought item.   Hope you enjoy visiting my salt dough obsession!


Each regular priced (single ornament) will arrive cello gift wrapped with a hanging brand and ‘care’ tag included, free of charge. 

Wholesale Sets of ornaments are affordably priced and perfect as favors for your special events.



~ cookiedoughcreations@gmail.com ~ 

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