Handcrafted Salt Dough Ornament Gifts

Care info

Properly cared for, your Cookie Dough Creation will last a lifetime.

Believe it or not, we still own the original ornaments that launched our business almost 20 years ago!   

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Your keepsake has been carefully and slowly dried to create a strong and solid finished product.  Once dry, it is painted and sealed to prevent it from absorbing any moisture.  Humidity is the main enemy of salt dough!  And don't worry about heat - I've stored my vintage ornaments in the attic where it gets stifling hot in the summer and they're perfectly happy and fine when I retrieve them each year for holiday decorating.     


The most important thing to remember about salt dough is that it is intended for indoors, even though your ornaments have been varnished with a coat of hand-brushed sealant, they will still, very slowly absorb moisture if exposed to it for more than a day or so.  One day on the outside is fine, in the event that your wedding is being held outdoors, but please bring your ornament(s) indoors after the party, and store inside when not in use or on display.  

Off season storage is super easy!    Cookie Dough Creations always prefer to be kept in a climate controlled environment.  But if your ornaments are going to be stored in a damp basement, just wrap in plastic, a market bag or zip lock baggie will do just fine.  It's a good idea to wrap them before being stored, regardless of where they will be kept.

Thank you for supporting handmade, and we hope you enjoy your ornament(s)!


~ cookiedoughcreations@gmail.com ~ 




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