Handcrafted Salt Dough Ornament Gifts

Pink or Blue Lamb Baptism Favors Salt Dough Ornaments Set of 10

$ 30.00

Cute for baby's baptism!  A handcrafted keepsake in pink or blue, salt dough lamb ornaments

** This listing is for UNpersonalized lamb ornaments, if you'd like a personalized version see this listing ~ Personalized Lamb Ornaments

You will receive 10 pink or blue lamb ornaments, see options.

A wholesale listing, each is $3 regardless of quantity ordered.

Just contact me for a custom listing if you need more or less than a multiple of 10.

*** NOTE ~ It may take 7-14 days to create your ornaments depending on where they are in the drying process ***


If you love the lamb but prefer the chocolate brown ~  Click Here"

For 10 Pink or Blue lambs WITH personalization visit this link ~  Click Here"

Lambs measure approximately 3 1/2" by 3".

Should be displayed indoors. Multiple sets available.


What exactly IS a Cookie Dough Creation? What is it made out of?

Every ornament you find in my shop is a dough ornament, made out of salt dough! They are not edible, not intended for eating but for decorating.

There are so many ornaments.... are they really handmade?

Each and every ornament in my shop is made by me, starting with bags of flour and salt, first being mixed, rolled out and cut by hand one at a time. Then after drying, each is carefully hand sanded, painted, finished and packed with love, care and pride. It's extremely gratifying and important to me, to know that I am offering the most perfect piece of dough art possible, to each and every customer!

What can be done with a Cookie Dough Creation? Are these things useful?

Definitely yes! Besides being adorable and unique as Christmas tree ornaments or kitchen/cubicle decorations... do you have someone in your family that is hard to buy for? Someone who already has every possible neccessity but maybe a handmade reminder of your love and affection? Most of my ornaments are intended as gifts, bearing an endearing message to a family member or coworker. Many Cookie Dough ornaments are sold in sets, offered at a great price for buying in bulk as baptism, birthday or wedding favors. However it's not unheard of for my ornaments to be purchased as gifts to oneself!

Okay, these are dough?! How long will they last?

Each of my ornaments is a permanent piece, thoroughly and slowly dried which is the key to a long lasting dough ornament! After being painted and finished, each is sealed with two coats of poly, one before the writing is added, one after. With a bit of proper care your Cookie Dough ornaments will last indefinitely!

How long is indefinitely?

Dough ornaments are intended for indoor use only. Even though they are sealed, they will slowly absorb moisture if displayed outside. Simply keep your ornaments indoors and store when not in use (offseason) in some kind of plastic bag to guard against damp basements or attics. A ziplock baggie or market bag will do just fine. Believe it or not, I still possess the very first ornaments I created which are now almost 20 years old! And I am not that good at following my own storage instructions!

How will my purchase be shipped?

Every regular priced ornament (anything not sold as a wholesale set of 10) will first be wrapped in a cello gift bag with hang brand and 'care' tags included, ready for gifting! Next, each and every ornament (including wholesale ornies) is wrapped separately in bubble wrap, then packed tightly with recyclable paper inside a sturdy cardboard box. We have an excellant history of ornaments arriving undamaged with only 3 or 4 instances of breakage, in many thousands of shipments!

My purchase is a gift going directly to my gift recipient. Will any special considerations be given?

Yes! Just make sure I know per a note at checkout or direct message, that your order is a gift going straight to the recipient, and I'll wrap in plain white paper, tie with a silver cord, a pretty package! I will even enclose a printed, short note saying it's from you, just send me all details. Finally all receipts will be omitted, of course.

How long will it take to get my Cookie Dough Creation?

We ship fast! Single ornaments usually ship within a day or two of order being received. Sets of ornaments, for example the Baptism or wedding favors, are made to order. They will be shipped out within 3-14 days after order is received, depending on whether or not I have them in stock, ready to finish and paint. Christmas time is the only exception. Due to the volume of orders received this time of year, turn around times extend. Please don't hesitate to write if you need clarification on a ship date. If you have a 'need by' date just let me know, I'll make it happen if at all humanly possible!


~ cookiedoughcreations@gmail.com ~ 

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